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La historia de Ligia Montoya: una argentina en la vanguardia del movimiento internacional que revitalizó el antiguo arte del plegado del papel. Con ilustraciones a todo color. Incluye diagramas para plegar modelos inéditos de Ligia Montoya.

“Un libro para los amantes del origami, pero también para los amantes de las historias. Es una invitación a otra forma de aprender y enseñar origami”. Masao, fundador de Origamiteca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The story of Ligia Montoya, an elusive artist known as the Angel of Origami. Her letters filled with delicate foldings earned her a distinguished place among the masters who revitalized, by mid-20th century, the ancient art of paperfolding.

With instructions on how to fold some of her models.

“Paper Life is an important book describing the early history of the modern origami movement. Laura Rozenberg is an origami archivist who really delves into the subject by going to original source documents including models folded by the creators themselves. A must have book for anyone serious about paper folding.” -- Wendy Zeichner, OrigamiUSA President/CEO

“As a paperfolder, as a historian and as a longtime scholarly publisher, I know that writing for several different kinds/ages of audiences is a tricky thing, but Laura Rozenberg has pulled it off. She has given the origami world a classic!” --Karen Reeds, Princeton Public Library Origami Group.

“A book for every person who loves origami, but also for those who like stories. It is an invitation to a different way of learning and teaching paperfolding.” --Masao, founder of Origamiteca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Ligia Montoya has been the mother of a peculiar way of understanding creative freedom. Its highly engaging narrative thread has different reading levels, apt for novices and advanced paperfolders.” --Polo Madueño, historiador del origami, Chubut, Argentina.

In French: Le Pli #144 - Paper Life (Book Review by Ch.C) (2017)

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